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Danish tourists

Swedish minister criticizes Danish tourists’ behavior

Danish tourists

There have been “many emails” about Danish tourists not complying with corona rules, says the Swedish minister.

Sweden’s Foreign Minister, Ann Linde, longs for Danish tourists’ actions in relation to corona guidelines in Sweden.

She does so in an interview with Dagens Nyheter, which was published on Sunday.

Here she is asked what she thinks about Sweden allowing tourists from other Nordic countries to go there on holiday, while Swedes cannot travel the other way to go on vacation.

– We don’t like it, of course. But if they are to come here, it requires them to follow the rules. We get a lot of emails about people coming from Denmark who do not respect social distance and move tables together at restaurants and everything possible, she says.

However, she stresses that Danish tourists are welcome as long as they follow the guidelines.

To TV2 in Denmark, the Swedish Foreign Ministry’s press service states that the statements are based on information received by the Swedish government.

In an email, the press service points out that Ann Linde does not say that Danes breach the guidelines to a greater extent than Swedes.

In the interview with Dagens Nyheter, the Minister also voiced a broader concern that the corona crisis and the continued isolation of Sweden could damage the relationship between the Nordic countries.

“I’m really upset about that,” she says.

She says that the Swedish government has tried to conclude regional agreements with neighboring countries, but without success.

At the same time, she acknowledges that Sweden has been hit harder.

– The fact is that they have a much milder outbreak than what we have had. We have explained to them that we have had a very regional development.

– In border areas it doesn’t look like Stockholm at all. You can see that in Copenhagen there are significantly more dead and infected than in Skåne, she says.

From Monday, tourists from the first countries could access Denmark. Initially, tourists from Germany, Norway and Iceland were opened, which, like Denmark, have a low number of infected and hospitalized.

But other more low-infection countries may be on their way, Mette Frederiksen (S) said Tuesday in connection with the Prime Minister’s Question Time.

Source: jyllands-posten.dk

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