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Stefan Löfven

Löfven’s defense: “We do not have the highest death toll”

Stefan Löfven

Stefan Löfven maintains that the government’s corona strategy is right. He says that it is not yet possible to explain why the infection has become so widespread in Sweden.

– Why is it different between Germany and Belgium? Why is it different between Spain and Portugal on the Iberian Peninsula? That analysis is important to do, but we are not done with it.

In a major interview with the Express, the Prime Minister also dismisses the requirement to demolish historical statues.

“I don’t believe it,” he says.

On Sunday, Stefan Löfven did his first live interview in SVT’s Agenda since the beginning of the corona crisis. For twenty minutes he had to answer questions about the Swedish strategy. Afterwards, both leadership writers and political commentators wrote that Löfven avoided all forms of self-criticism.

Two days later, Expressen meets the prime minister in the government office and asks if they are right or if there is any point where he is self-critical.

The strategy is right. Because it is right to protect life and health, that healthcare receives the resources it needs, that we dampen the effects on employees and companies, that we try to curb the unrest with a lot of information. It’s right. The measures must be adapted, however, absolutely. That is why we lowered the threshold for public gatherings from 500 to 50 and decided on a ban on visiting the elderly, he says.


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