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Camilla Fogestedt

West Swedish Camilla’s luxury life with the celebrities

Camilla Fogestedt

She has been partying with world celebrities like Leonardo DiCaprio and Cristiano Ronaldo.

She has traveled to over 40 destinations over the past five years – where travel has been free.

Now model Camilla Fogestedt, 28, puts the passport on the shelf to invest in her career in Los Angeles.

– Time starts to run away and you don’t get younger, she says.

Camilla Fogestedt grew up in Åsa outside Kungsbacka. In recent years, however, she has had the world as her home address.

– I have literally lived in a suitcase for the last five or six years and worked all over the world. I have worked as a model and as an image model, as it is called, says Camilla Fogestedt.

A so-called image model is hired by a fashion agency who in turn rents out the models to nightclubs and various events. The goal is for the models to fill up the places and make the event look good.

– It’s just as superficial as it sounds. But we sit there and have great fun and everything is so clearly paid for, with accommodation, travel and food and drink, says Camilla.

Attached to Leonardo DiCaprio and Cristiano Ronaldo
Such was the case when she and her cousin Julia Franzén, known from, among others, the TV series “Robinson”, were hired into Saint Tropez by a modeling agency to be image models.

– Leonardo DiCaprio would come and eat at a restaurant and then we were hired. The restaurant wanted to fill the tables and DiCaprio is an important guest for them, so they wanted it to look top-notch, says Camilla Fogestedt and continues:

– It was fun. I sat there and had a free luxury dinner with my cousin.


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