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Norwegian Prime Minister

“Gotland Is The Only Place In Sweden That Meets The Infection Criteria Right Now – Norwegian Prime Minister.”

Norwegian Prime Minister

Prime Minister Erna Solberg says Gotland is the only place in Sweden that meets the infection criteria now. In Gotland, the local health authority does not understand the decision.

Solberg stated that Norway will now open for the Nordic countries from June 15 during a press conference on Friday. She nevertheless emphasized:

But this only applies to regions with acceptable infection pressure. Let me emphasize – this is not just about where to spend the holidays this summer. We must plan for travel restrictions to last over time. We can get new outbreaks in different places before there is a vaccine, Solberg said.

Thus, it is still open for limited entry into Sweden. But Gotland is the only place in Sweden that meets the infection criteria right now.

At Gotland, the decision is received with skepticism.

I have trouble understanding the rationale behind the decision, says infection control doctor Maria Arnér in Region Gotland to Dagens Nyheter.

Arnér says that Gotland does not stand out in the statistics in any kind of way, as there are major differences regionally throughout the country. She also says there is concern about how hospitals in Gotland will handle an increased number of visitors and increased tourism.

Great disappointment
The criteria should be evaluated every 14 days. Health Minister Bent Høie says that several of the regions in the border regions of Sweden are very close to being included in the list of approved regions.

However, Health Director Bjørn Guldvog said on Friday that Bohuslän, where Strömstad is located, for example, is far from being approved.

In Sweden, the infection situation is unfortunately such that we can only open for leisure travel to and from Gotland as it looks now. Quarantine rules and entry restrictions are maintained, and travel is not advised in the other areas.

I realize this is a big disappointment for some. But the restrictions are based on objective criteria that are the same for everyone, Solberg said.


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