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Both Bruno And The Crown Prince Have Already Been Under The Scissors: The Hairdresser Has Reopened

The Crown Prince thanks hairdressers and other small businesses for adapting to a new everyday life.

Bruno Sørensen usually gets cut every four weeks.

It was therefore needed, since the barbershops could open again for the first time since the closure on March 18 this morning.

In the meantime, he himself has been running the trimmer around his ears, and he has also discussed the matter with his wife.

My wife is good at cutting our dog, and she would probably have been allowed to bite me too, says Bruno Sørensen.

However, he is glad it became the hairdresser instead.

It’s wonderful. I think my hair was getting a little long and I have relatively strong hair, so it’s nice to get the lures bumped.

In addition to hairdressers, tattooists, physiotherapists and masseurs have been allowed to reopen this morning.

However, this only applies to those who have succeeded in adhering to the new guidelines of the authorities to ensure distance and good hand hygiene.

Would be terrible to close again

At Bruno’s hairdresser Esko and Gram in Aalborg, among other things, they ensure that customers do not come into close contact with each other and that chairs and tools are split between the cuts.


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