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Impressive Bead Series Of Satellites Can Be Seen In The Sky Over Denmark


Tesla founder Elon Musk is behind the satellites that can currently be seen in the evening sky over Denmark.

Perhaps you have seen a number of luminous objects moving across the sky in recent evenings – otherwise you have the opportunity to see the impressive sight on Monday night and the coming days when 60 satellites like pearls on a leash pass by.

TV 2 WEATHER has this weekend received many inquiries from viewers who have seen the phenomenon and wondered what it might be.

What you have been able to see – and can continue to the coming clear spring nights – are the 60 Starlink 5 satellites launched on March 18 by the US space company SpaceX from Kennedy Space Center in Florida.

Satellitterne spreder sig langsomt fra hinanden i deres bane omkring Jorden, men bevæger sig i øjeblikket fortsat i en lang række, som på imponerende vis kan ses her fra Danmark en til to gange hver aften.

The series of satellites has been named the ‘Starlink train’, which can be seen twice on Monday night, when the 60 satellites in 15 to 20 minutes pass one by one.

During that time, five to eight satellites will be constantly visible in the sky, and each time one disappears into Earth’s shadow, a new one appears on the horizon.


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