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Police With Raised Index Finger: Takeaway Locations Set Tables And Chairs


“There are many who are not familiar with the rules,” said the police chief.

The good weather has got people on the streets, and several places in the metropolitan area have been eating out the restrictions.

During the day, the Copenhagen Police have been to several takeaway places that had set tables and chairs for outdoor seating.

But you must not.

We have just been able to find that there are many who are not familiar with the rules, so we have shown conduct and guidance. But there are actually many who do not know the rules, says guard Kristian Rohdin.

He does not have an overview of how many eateries the police have today reprimanded, but there are ‘some’.

For about a month, restaurants and cafes have been closed to guests. However, they can still deliver food and drink out of the house if they follow a number of precautions.

This means that all employees adhere to the health authorities’ recommendations for good hygiene. In addition, information material should be set up that people who have symptoms of coronavirus should isolate themselves at home.

Schools and hairdressers are opening up

Last week, the schools opened their doors to the smallest, and in upper secondary education, pupils in the upper grades had to attend school again. Today, the trip then came to the liberal professions, which include hairdressers and physiotherapists.

That may be part of the explanation that several Copenhagen eateries have misunderstood the rules, police say.

– What they say and explain in the shops and eateries, I do not know. Either it is a lack of knowledge that one has not sought. At least you are not aware of the rules. That is why we have spent time today explaining them, says Kristian Rohdin.

He says no fines have been printed, but says police patrols have been armed with raised index fingers.

If you violate the rules, the trader can risk a fine of DKK 5,000. It happened to a cafe owner in Køge three weeks ago, Sjællandske wrote.

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