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Cold night

Cold night ahead – here can come night frost and dense fog

Cold night

The night before Sunday we can get November’s first night frost.

November has been unusually warm from the start, and after a week the temperature has still not been below four degrees anywhere in Denmark.

However, this will be changed on the night until Sunday, when the temperature in several places in the inner parts of the country can drop to around – or just below – the freezing point.

It will be coldest in the central and southern part of Jutland, where you are furthest away from the coasts, where our waters help to keep the temperature up.

Also in Midtsjælland, the temperature can approach freezing in the late night hours and early morning hours.

Risk of fog

As the temperature drops, fog can also form in several places. This is because the water vapor in the air condenses when the temperature drops, as cold air cannot contain the same amount of water vapor as warmer air.

In some places the fog can become dense, which means that the visibility drops to less than 100 meters.

The drop in temperature is due to relatively clear weather and calm wind conditions over Denmark.

The coldest night so far this autumn – and the last time we experienced night frost – was October 19, when the temperature dropped to -2.6 degrees.

Source: vejr.tv2.dk

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