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Alle vil udbetale feriepengene - derfor blev det ikke nu

Everyone wants to pay the holiday pay – that’s why it did not happen now

Alle vil udbetale feriepengene - derfor blev det ikke nu

The holiday pay will probably be paid out. But right now the parties are fighting for the credit to get them paid out, says TV 2’s political editor.

On Tuesday evening, the agreement on a new aid package fell into place for Danish companies and cultural life during the corona crisis. But one thing in particular excelled in his absence.

Namely, the controversial holiday money, which first made the Danish People’s Party leave the negotiating table, and then made the Liberal Party drag out the negotiations.

At the beginning of October, the Danes were given the opportunity to receive three weeks’ frozen holiday pay. Since then, a majority in the Folketing has put pressure on the last two weeks’ holiday pay to be released as well, while the government maintains that this is not the right time.

Therefore, the holiday pay was also not to be found in the new help package.

Majority outside the government

But the government is convening further discussions on the holiday pay before the end of November, promised Minister of Trade and Industry Simon Kollerup (S) on Tuesday evening at the press conference, where the aid package was presented.

There will be ample opportunity to discuss the issue. When it’s not just like that to pay the holiday pay here and now, it’s because we first paid out the first three weeks of October. It is sometimes about that when there is a crisis in the economy and a society is in troubled waters, to keep some gunpowder dry in the basement, it sounded from the minister.

When the Liberal Party subsequently spoke at the press conference, finance spokesman Troels Lund Poulsen stated that the Liberal Party will present a resolution in the Folketing, so that the majority in the Folketing can be allowed to pay the holiday pay to the Danes in 2021.

In a comment on an article on TV 2, Nye Borgerlige’s finance spokesman Lars Boje Mathiesen has stated that the party has already sent the proposal to the Folketing for consideration on Tuesday evening.

– The parties that have toured around with promises of holiday money, would not anyway, when it came down to it. That is why Nye Borgerlige has tonight sent the proposal for consideration in the Folketing, so the citizens can see who is not keeping their word, he writes.

Controversy over the credit for getting the holiday pay paid

In reality, however, there is no disagreement that the money should be paid to the Danes. That should probably be them, explains TV 2’s political editor Troels Mylenberg.


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