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George Floyd

Police Officer Who Pressed George Floyd’s Neck With Knee Charged With Manslaughter

George Floyd

George Floyd died during a brutal arrest in Minneapolis, which has sparked major protests in the United States.

Following a brutal arrest in the city of Minneapolis, a police officer has now been arrested himself.

It informs the authorities in the state of Minnesota, where Minneapolis is located.

The police officer named Derek Chauvin is among other things charged with manslaughter.

The case has led to major protests in the United States.

46-year-old George Floyd, who is black, lost his life after the white police officer sat with his knee on Floyd’s neck for several minutes. Floyd said several times he couldn’t get air.

Chauvin and three other police officers present have all been fired. The three other officers are also expected to be charged in the case, informsprosecution.

‘I can not breathe’

The arrest of George Floyd was recorded on video and has caused great uproar in the United States. Here there is renewed debate about the issue of race and the use of unnecessary police force.

The circumstances of Floyd’s death draw back traces to Eric Garner, who was brutally arrested in New York in 2014.

Garner, who was black, also said, “I can’t breathe,” several times while held down a sidewalk and later died.

Since Tuesday, there have been violent demonstrations in the city of Minneapolis, Minnesota. On Thursday, that prompted Minnesota Governor Tim Walz to command 500 soldiersnational Guard in Mineapolis.


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