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Journalist From CNN Arrested During Direct Transmission In Minneapolis


Minneapolis police on Friday arrested a CNN journalist while reporting on live television about the Minneapolis protests.

A producer and photographer from the TV station have also been detained by police, reports CNN.

The three people have now been released again.

The TV station posted a video of the episode on Twitter:

There have been extensive demonstrations in Minneapolis and several other US metropolitan cities after 46-year-old black man George Floyd died in connection with an arrest.

The arrested journalist, Omar Jimenez, had clearly identified himself to the police officers on the scene, CNN reports.

The rest of the TV team was also handcuffed and carried away.

The Governor apologizes

Minnesota Governor Tim Walz has spoken to CNN’s leadership and said “sincerely sorry” for the episode.

The governor is working to get the TV team released immediately, the TV station writes.

Tim Walz calls the arrests “unacceptable” and says the TV team no doubt had the right to stay on the scene.

Offered to move

Black CNN journalist Omar Jimenez had just reported the arrest of a protester when five or six white cops surrounded him.

“We can move somewhere else if you want,” the reporter told police, who wore gas masks and face shields.

The journalist then made it clear that they were press people.

“We’re moving,” said Omar Jimenez, who covered the unrest in Minneapolis, which has been going on for three  Day in a row.

CNN calls the arrests one assault against freedom of speech and requires the three employees to be released immediately.

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