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Sofie Carsten Nielsen

Sofie Carsten Nielsen on Østergaards new infringement cases: ‘I am angry and upset by it’

Sofie Carsten Nielsen

Morten Østergaard has admitted three new cases of infringement. New R leader did not know message.

It has to that extent gotten behind the Radicals’ new leader, Sofie Carsten Nielsen, that there are several cases of sexual abuse with Morten Østergaard at the center.

He wrote on Facebook on Friday afternoon that three women several years ago felt sexually abused by him. Thus, the case of the radical Member of Parliament Lotte Rod is not the only one.

But Sofie Carsten Nielsen did not know this until she saw the ad.

It makes me angry and sad that it’s like this. It makes me angry because we have to be a party where one can be without being offended. No one must feel let down in the Radical Left, says Sofie Carsten Nielsen at a press conference at Christiansborg .

She took over the post as political leader at the Radicals on Wednesday, after Morten Østergaard decided to resign on the basis of a case in which he put a hand on Lotte Rod’s thigh against her will about ten years ago.

Asks for respect

On Friday afternoon, Sofie Carsten Nielsen was made aware by the Radicals’ secretariat in the Folketing that there is a personnel case on Morten Østergaard about a violation.

– This is something I just have to take in, says Sofie Carsten Nielsen, who denies that she has had knowledge of other cases about Morten Østergaard than the one concerning Lotte Rod:

– As I say, I have just become acquainted with the post. And I became so familiar with a staff case. So these are personnel matters. So I would also ask for respect that there are people at the other end of them. I will not go into details, says Sofie Carsten Nielsen.

She will now investigate who in the Radicals has known that there have been personnel cases on Morten Østergaard. It is Sofie Carsten Nielsen’s impression that some of the cases are of more recent date.

According to Ritzau , the national chairman of the Radicals, Svend Thorhauge, denies having known of a personnel case about Morten Østergaard.


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