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The Faroe Islands Open Again To Danes From June 15

Faroe Islands

Citizens from Denmark, Greenland and Iceland are again welcome in the Faroe Islands.

From June 15 it will again be possible to go on holiday in the Faroe Islands. At least for citizens from Iceland, Denmark and Greenland.

This is what the Faroese national government writes on its website .

New guidelines for visitors from Denmark, for example, will come as soon as possible, and this will include ‘shorter and more flexible quarantine schemes’ and ‘more tests’.

The Faroe Islands have none death related to corona and all 187 infected are declared healthy again, according to the State Serum Institute.

Offensive Testing Strategy

Since the first corona case was found on March 4, the Faroe Islands have been practicing an offensive testing strategy.

Quarantine has been required for both infected and those who have been in contact with the infected.

In addition, coronary positive and people with symptoms have been asked to isolate themselves for a minimum of 14 days from the time they first discovered the symptoms.

Source: dr.dk

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