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Denmark is again easing travel restrictions to Sweden

EU citizens

Danes are no longer advised against traveling to the Swedish regions of Halland, Kalmar and Värmland.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs has again chosen to adjust on the travel guides, and that means unnecessary travel to the three Swedes regions Halland, Kalmar and Värmland are no longer discouraged.

It informs the ministry in one Press release.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs also allows Danes to travel to Tunisia, Uruguay and Georgia. However, both Uruguay and Georgia have entry restrictions or quarantine requirements for Danish travelers.

The changes are based on the weekly figures from the Statens Serum Institut, which the Ministry of Foreign Affairs follows to assess where the infection with coronavirus falls.

The ministry has already opened for entry to Västerbotton, Kronoberg, Skåne and Blekinge in Sweden.

Unnecessary travel to the rest of Sweden is still discouraged. A total of 76,877 people have been confirmed infected with coronavirus in Sweden.

While large parts of Sweden are still kept closed in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs’ travel guides, it will soon be even easier to get to Greenland.

From Tuesday, Greenland will thus enter phase three of the country’s reopening, writes the media KNR.

That means there are no more restrictions on how many are allowed to travel into the country per week.

Since 15 June, a maximum of 600 people a week have had access to Greenland.

On Tuesday, the requirement that people who come to Greenland be in home quarantine for five days after arrival will also be removed.

Source: dr.dk

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