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Photo: Line Brandt / Seerfoto

Historically bad summer weather – we are heading for the coldest July in over 40 years

Photo: Line Brandt / Seerfoto
Photo: Line Brandt / Seerfoto

We have not yet had a summer day in July – and it has only happened three times in the last 146 years.

While more Danes than ever spend their summer holidays in Denmark, the Danish summer weather shows itself from its coldest and sunniest side.

Although we are only halfway through July, it is well on its way to becoming one of the coldest we have experienced in many years.

And no matter if we look at the average temperature, at the absolute highest temperature or at the number of hours of sunshine – then July 2020 is tentatively entering the very bottom places in the row over the months of July since 1874.

Second coldest July in 146 years

During the first 15 days of July, the average temperature this year is 13.7 degrees.

It is 1.9 degrees colder than normal, and it is a temperature that so far makes July one of the coldest in Denmark in the last 146 years.

Only July 1979 was 13.6 degrees colder, and in 1898 July became as cold as the one we have experienced so far this year.

And even though there is a prospect of a little warmer summer weather and that the rest of July should be as normal, the unusually cool start to the month will still mean that it ends as the coldest July we have experienced since 1996.


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