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Boris Johnson

Boris Johnson opens to spectators for the Premier League in October

Boris Johnson

Britain is working to open stadiums for sports fans in October, says Prime Minister Boris Johnson.

British sports fans may well put a tick in the calendar in October.

Here it is again allowed to open Stadiums for fans to sporting events, says Britain prime minister, Boris Johnson, Friday.

It writes the news agencies Reuters and dpa.

– From 1 August, we will again have indoor performances for the audience, if the experiments go well. We will also try with larger gatherings at sports stadiums with a view to a major reopening in the fall.

– From October, we intend to bring the spectators back on stadium. It should be done in a corona-safe way, and only if the experiments go well, saysPrime Minister according to dpa.

During the restart of the best English football series, the spectators have been denied access to the matches, which are thus played for empty grandstands.

While working on that fans can come on again stadium until October, it will not be until November or perhaps even December that life becomes more “normal” for the British in terms of physical distance and other coronary restrictions.

We can see other countries in the world how it can go wrong if we do not follow the guidelines and continue to keep it under control.

“In some parts of the world we still see increases in infection, and we do not want to see that in our country,” he said according to Reuters.

According to Johns Hopkins University, more than 45,000 people have died from coronavirus in the UK. It is most among all countries in Europe.

Source: dr.dk

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