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Swedes can travel to Norway - from next week

Swedes can travel to Norway – from next week

Swedes can travel to Norway - from next week

On Friday, the Norwegian Public Health Institute changes its guidelines for traveling to and from the Nordic countries, according to VG. 

And there seem to be changes for several Swedish counties. 

Blekinge, Skåne and Kronoberg counties fulfill all the requirements for the number of new covid cases, write the newspaper and refer to their own survey of the infection in Sweden. 

From these regions, in such cases, you will be able to enter Norway without having to quarantine – whether you are a Swedish traveling from there to Norway or the Norwegian who has been visiting. 

For those areas that do not meet the criteria, ten days quarantine should be spent when entering Norway. 

Three requirements 

When the travel advice is updated, they will be valid from 15 July – but in the past, the updates on neighboring countries have gone fast. Southern Swedes may therefore be allowed to enter Norway sooner than that. 

The Norwegian Institute of Public Health makes an overall assessment of the coronal situation in Sweden’s regions. In order to avoid the quarantine requirements, several requirements must be met: 

 Fewer than 20 per 100,000 inhabitants should have received the infection in the past two weeks. 

 Fewer than 0.5 per 100,000 should have been cared for in the intensive care unit over the past two weeks. 

 Only five percent of all coronate tests in the past two weeks should be positive. 

Blekinge has 13 infected per 100,000 inhabitants, Skåne has 16 and Kronoberg has nine, according to VG’s calculations. 

Most other regions in Sweden are well above 20. 

Source: expressen.se

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