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Driving Service Uber Pays DKK 25 Million In Fines For Violating Taxi Laws At Home

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Driving service Uber pays DKK 25 Million in fines for complicity in violating tax laws at home. Thus, the case for the Dutch company was punctured.

This is stated by the Copenhagen Police in a press release .

It is gratifying that we can now make a point of this case, and that the company has agreed to pay the considerable fine, says lawyer Kristian Kirk Petersen in the announcement.

Uber made its entry into the Danish market in 2014, causing great anger among the Danish taxi companies who accused Uber of taking their earnings from them, just as there was anger that Uber did not pay treasure and were outside the agreements.

Uber withdrew after trial cases

Police say that the fine of DKK 25 million corresponds to the company’s share of drivers’ estimated earnings on the Danish market in the period from 2015 to April 2017.

– Based on the drivers’ tax information, it has been clarified that the earnings for all drivers in Denmark in 2015 amounted to approx. 55 million DKK 502,658 trips, and since it has unfortunately not been possible to obtain tax information via the Netherlands for the years 2016 and 2017, we have used the 2015 figures to estimate the fine for the entire period up to April 2017, where Uber turned the key in Denmark, says Kristian Kirk Petersen.

Since 2016, there have been several trial cases, each one Uber-drivers has been before the court. The trial cases ended in Supreme Court, and they all ended up with fines to four earlier Uber-drivers between DKK 40,000 and 486,500 for having been driving illegal taxi driving in 2015.

In addition, a new one was introduced taxalov in 2017, which required, among other things, taximeter and video surveillance in the cars, after which Uber completely withdrew from the Danish market.

With today’s agreement on the million-dollar fine, Uber has no case that the case against the entire Dutch company will land in court.

Source: dr.dk

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