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Many Danes Will Experience Temperatures Above 20 Degrees


The beautiful and sunny weather has already occurred, and it becomes even more summery at Pentecost. Light breeze, over 20 degrees and warm summer evenings await.

On Friday, temperatures will generally range between 16 and 19 degrees. Locally you can hit 20 degrees.

Saturday continues great weather and in Jutland you reach over 20 degrees in many places.

Sea temperatures currently measure between 13 to 16 degrees, so near the coasts the temperature is slightly dampened.

On Pentecost you can expect a milky white sky in the eastern regions. This is due to high-hanging clouds, which the sunlight can easily shine through, but they emit a bit of the sun’s energy. The clouds can provide beautiful halos that you could also enjoy on Thursday.

Warmer after Pentecost
It looks like there will be fewer clouds on Monday, June 1, when the summer calendar begins. One can therefore expect a beautiful 2nd day of Pentecost – although the thermometers do not quite reach the meteorological summer temperature, which is at least 25 degrees.

The thermometers will show around 20 degrees in most places, and the coming days of calm wind and lots of sun will slowly make the bathing water warmer.

The forecasts point to even warmer weather after the Pentecost.

High pressure in the North Sea
The beautiful Pentecostal weather in Denmark is due to a high pressure in the North Sea, which spreads across Denmark. On the weather map below for Pentecost 2 you can see that rain and showers are coming in southern and eastern Europe.

Northwest of “our high pressure” you can also see a strip of rain. This is an indication that we may have more unstable weather next week.

Source: vejr.tv2.dk

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