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Three More Corona Infected Have Died – The Number Of Admissions Is Rising Slightly


Another three coronas infected in Denmark have died. That brings the total death toll to 568.

This is evident in today’s update from the health authorities.

The three people have not necessarily died recently Day. This is because there may be a delay in recording the numbers.

Nor can it be definitively concluded that coronavirus is the cause of death. Whosedeath happens within 30 days of a positive test, they are part of the statistics.

The number of inmates has increased from 107 yesterday to 110 today.

20 of them are in intensive care units, 11 of whom are in respirators.

Yesterday the numbers were 22 and 11 respectively.

Half a million have been tested soon
484,482 people have been tested for coronavirus.

That’s 4,243 more than yesterday.

Overall, 11,512 have been tested positive.

10,180 people have survived their infection, which means they were neither hospitalized nor died 14 days after a positive test for corona.

Therefore, they are presumed to be healthy or in recovery.


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