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Anyone Over The Age Of 18 Can Now Order Tests For Coronavirus Without Referral


All adult citizens can now order a test for corona without referral from the doctor, the Ministry of Health said.

All persons over the age of 18 in Denmark have the opportunity to order a test for coronavirus, even if they have no symptoms.

This is confirmed by the Ministry of Health and the Elderly.

You can do that on the website coronaprover.dk, and all you need is your NemID .

The age limit for who can be tested has been continuously raised during the week, and tests have now been opened for everyone regardless of age.

On Monday, the first age group was allowed to order a test for coronavirus. It applied to young people between 18-25 years, and it used about 4,500 of them on the first day.

On Tuesday, the limit was raised to 18-27 years, and several age groups have been allowed to book time on an ongoing basis.

There is capacity for 50,000 tests a week, so there may be a wait for a test.

So far, it has required a referral from a doctor or employer before you could book time for a coronavirus test.

Offer for people without symptoms

If you have symptoms of coronavirus, you should still call your doctor.

The offer of a non-referral test is therefore aimed at people who have no symptoms and would like to know if they are infected anyway.

Even if you get a negative result, you may well be infected. In some cases, the test cannot detect the virus yet.

The test will be conducted in the white tents that Test Center Denmark has set up in 16 cities across the country.

However, one should not expect the self-commissioned tests to provide much useful information to the authorities .

This was stated by Jens Lundgren, a professor of infectious medicine at Rigshospitalet , in connection with the presentation of the new initiative .

– It may well be that it fulfills a desire of the individual. And that’s fine. But it is not something that we who monitor the infection in the community can use for anything, he said.

Source: dr.dk

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