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Danish company cheated of fake documents: Sold bad masks on to nursing homes


Misleading documents and timescales have made the protective mask market uncertain.

Masks, gloves and handprints – and as much as possible.

It was the desperate wishes that Steffan Madsen met at the end of February this year.

As director of the company SM Tools in Ikast, he is used to selling tools and individual protective equipment to craftsmen.

But the demand for protective equipment against Covid-19 completely boiled over in the days after the corona crisis seriously hit Denmark, he says.

– We have people who simply knock on our door from morning to evening and scream for protection. We cannot service the market that Denmark needs at all, says Steffan Madsen.

Masks failed in testing

Very quickly, the middle German tool dealer ran out of protective masks. Only occasionally was the company able to get new goods home, but the masks were quickly torn away by the customers, says Steffan Madsen.

The normal channels for getting stitches dried out. companysuppliertried instead to procure new goods elsewhere in the world. Masks, which had previously cost 4-5 kroner, were now sold for up to around 70 kroner, says Steffan Madsen.

– There is no more to sell off, which means that the price simply explodes at twice the purchase price. So does the sameconsumers, he says.


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