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Stefan Löfven

Stefan Löfven Defends Swedish Corona Strategy: Basically Right

Stefan Löfven

Despite high death rates, Sweden has chosen the right strategy during the corona crisis.

It maintains the Swedish prime minister, Stefan Löfven, who on Sunday night came under heavy criticism during a TV debate between the Swedish party leaders.

The opposition, during the coronation debate, accused the government of not taking the lead in the fight against the virus.

“We have a dysfunctional government,” said Christian Democrats leader Ebba Busch.

“The large number of people now grieving that they have lost someone during this spring are the result of the Swedish government deliberately permitting large spread of infection in Sweden,” she said.

Should have tested more
Löfven also acknowledges that something could have been done better.

– Our biggest mistake is that so many are perishedin the elderly care. We should have tested more than we have done, the prime minister said.

– But the strategy has basically been right, he thinks.

From the Center Party, on the other hand, there is criticism that there have been no simple and clear recommendations to nursing home staff on how to behave.

Christian Democrats are wondering that Swedes could come directly from holidays in the Alps and go out into the community without having to quarantine. In doing so, the government allowed a large spread of infection, Ebba Busch says.

Has there been a unified strategy?
The moderates’ leader, Ulf Kristersson, asks if the government has actually had a strategy.

– I don’t think it’s been a comprehensive strategy, he says.

Jimmie Åkesson, party leader of the immigration-critical Sweden Democrats, pointed out that as the death toll has increased, it has become harder to keep up with the criticism.

“Someone must take the leaf out of his mouth,” said Åkesson, who on Saturday demanded state epidemiologist Anders Tegnell fired .

Before the debate, Åkesson had declared that he would no longer support the government.

“The peace peace has at least been lifted now,” says Tommy Möller, a professor of political science at Stockholm University, after Sunday’s debate.

– There were quite harsh criticisms of the opposition by the opposition, he says.

Figures from Sunday show that a total of 4659 people have been registered dead with coronavirus in Sweden since the beginning of the crisis.

Source: dr.dk

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