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Hand Sanitizer

Imprisonment For Hand Sanitizer Thieves Are Paused Due To Restocking

Hand Sanitizer

The regions report that handshake is no longer in short supply.

It caused a stir when the government back in late March and adopted onebillwho, as a starting point, sends among other hand liquor thieves directly into prison.

Although the law still applies, theft of handguns in the current situation will no longer automatically trigger a shorter prison sentence.

Confused? Explanation follows.

When the government adopted its bill, the country’s five regions responsible for operating hospitals struggled to get enough hands on health staff. In other words, handshake was a scarce resource. Since then, several companies have rescheduled production to help society fill the disinfectant stockpiles.

And now, in a written response to the Folketing , the regions of the country report that the situation is so well controlled that there is no longer a handshake.

– The regions do not consider handprints to be in short supply at this time. (…) A robust pipeline for hand disinfection is guaranteed today, the answer says.


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