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In A Few Weeks, Eight European Countries Have Experienced ‘Extreme’ Mortality

European countries

See the map. The death toll has historically increased rapidly in several European countries.

While the Danes are gathering and enjoying the spring weather at Islands Brygge in Copenhagen, and while the distance in the supermarket is shrinking and the talk is about opening zoos and after-schools, numbers show extreme mortality in several European countries.

It has come in quite a few weeks.

If we turn the time back to week 10 in March, the number of deaths in 24 European countries was quite normal.

In the second week of April in week 15, everything was unusual.

Eight European countries had so many deaths that week that it was extremely above normal. This applies to Italy, Spain, France, the Netherlands, England, Scotland, Wales, while Sweden is very high above the usual.

It shows the international database Euromomo, which collects death figures from most of Europe and which is managed by the State Serum Institute.

The mortality in recent weeks cannot be explained by anything other than Covid-19. It is unusual to go from no mortality to extreme mortality in the countries affected, says Lasse Skafte Vestergaard of the Norwegian Serum Institute, project coordinator for Euromomo.


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