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Police Impose A Stay Ban On Islands Brygge In Copenhagen


The Copenhagen Police impose a stay ban on Islands Brygge. It is now prohibited to stay at the green harbor area on Islands Brygge.

The police may impose a stay ban on places that are open to the public if it is deemed necessary to prevent the risk of infection with COVID-19 and if it is deemed that an order to leave the site is not sufficient to prevent the risk of infection.

The residence ban is valid for the period from 25 April 2020 at. 9 pm to 1 May 2020 at 1 p.m. 23.59. The period may be extended if the conditions for maintaining the residence ban continue to be fulfilled.

– Yesterday we came out with a warning that we would use tougher tools if citizens do not obey the authorities’ instructions and stay away. That warning, several citizens staying at Islands Brygge did not take seriously. Therefore, we are now establishing a stay ban in the area, says Copenhagen Police Director Anne Tønnes in a press release .

Much talk about ‘the pier’

Especially Islands Brygge has been in the tumble in recent days, among others, the chairman of the Police Federation Claus Oxfeldt on Twitter has highlighted the problem in the area and the seriousness of the situation.

A stay ban means that it is illegal to stay on site. However, you may want to move around in the area if it is a regular traffic in that place, such as a walk.

The fine is DKK 2,500 for violating the stay ban. There will be grounds for higher penalties in repeat cases.

A stay ban can be issued for up to seven days. The ban must be published at signage and on the police website. So far, police have issued a stay ban on Lakolk Shopping Center on Rømø until midnight between April 26 and April 27 .

Source: dr.dk

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