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Politicians To 15,000 Protesters: Get Tested For Corona


Politicians are concerned about infection risk after 15,000 people gathered Sunday for the Black Lives Matter demonstration.

15,000 tight-knit people and loud calls for a quiet Black Lives Matter demonstration Sunday afternoon worry more politicians Christiansborg.

Therefore, several parties as well as the government are now calling for participants to be tested for coronavirus.

If you have the slightest doubt, let yourself test. And keep extra distance the next few days, says Pernille Skipper, political spokeswoman in the Unity List.

It is perfectly legal to demonstrate and there is none guidelines to be tested for coronavirus after participation, but still sounds the same advice from the government.

There is no requirement or law that one must. But it is the responsibility that one can take on that one can use the testing capacity that is now in place and be able to test, says political spokesman from the Social Democracy Jesper Petersen to Ritzau.

Demanding guidelines
The demonstration in Copenhagen went smoothly and without problems, the police said on Sunday afternoon.

But Per Larsen, a health spokesman for the Conservatives, is very concerned that the demonstration may have been a source of infection spread.

It worries me pretty much. Otherwise, we think we have Covid-19 under control, but especially in thethe metropolitan areawe know that the infection pressure is the highest in Denmark. And when there is such a crowd so close together, it is worrying, he says.

Demonstrations are exempt from the assembly ban of up to 50 people, and no specials are issued guidelinesfor distance requirements or other at demonstrations. Per Larsen is in demand now.

It’s fine, you demonstrate. We havefreedom of speech. But this concentration of 15,000, which for such a long time is close together, we should have someguidelinesand distance requirements. We know Covid-19 can have fatal consequences for people, he says.

Also on Twitter, the debate over the spread of infection at the demonstration has spread.

Chairman of the Danish People’s Party, Kristian Thulesen Dahl is dissatisfied with the behavior of the protesters. He does not believe that the risk of infection spreading is not taken into account.


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