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Closes Corona Ward

Four More Coronary Deaths Recorded In Denmark

Closes Corona Ward

Now, a total of 593 corona-infected persons have died. In addition, the number of admissions has increased by four.

Four new coronary-related events have been recorded death the latest Day in Denmark.

This is the latest statement from the Danish Serum Institute.

As a result, 593 people have died while infected with coronavirus.

The number of admissions has also risen lately Day. Today, 79 people are admitted to Danish hospitals, which is four more than yesterday.

Sixteen people are hospitalized for intensive care and seven are so ill that they need the help of a respirator to breathe.

It is far below the number of inmates when it peaked on April 1st. Here, 535 people were hospitalized with coronavirus.

14 new cases
Lately Dayit has been estimated that 5,624 people have been tested for coronavirus. 14 people have been confirmed to be infected with the virus.

Since the beginning of March, there have been 11,962 cases of coronavirus and over half a million have been tested for the virus.

Source: dr.dk

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