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30 degrees on Monday – but on Tuesday cloudbursts can hit parts of Denmark


Monday will be the last day with very hot summer weather, before heavy rain and thunderstorms can hit Denmark on Tuesday.

Monday will be the 13th summer day in a row, and the temperature will probably reach 30 degrees for the ninth time in August.

It is still very hot summer air that is over Denmark, and on Monday morning the temperature in many places is already over 20 degrees.

After this, the temperature just rises further, and in the middle of the afternoon we can experience 30 degrees for the third day in a row. Both Saturday and Sunday the temperature reached 31.0 degrees and it is not inconceivable that we can approach the same level on Monday.

It is warmest in the north-western part of Jutland and in Odsherred on Zealand, where the south-easterly wind has been warmed up on its way over land. Along coasts facing southeast, temperatures reach between 23 and 25 degrees as the highest.

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