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Bacterial Outbreaks On Bornholm: Infection Can Come From Dairy


107 people have been tested positive for campylobacter. A study from the Danish Serum Institute points to milk as a source of infection.

A stay at Bornholm in Pentecost has made 107 people sick with the bacterium campylobacter.

And now a study done by the State Serum Institute shows that the outbreak may be from a local dairy.

It writes food Administration and the State Serum Institute in a joint press release.

The study designates milk from Bornholm Co-operative dairy as a source of infection for the outbreak, says Steen Ethelberg, senior researcher at the National Serum Institute, in press release.

The questionnaire survey has counted 34 sick people and compared their answers with a group of healthy persons, and thus a possible source of infection has been identified.

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