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Mette Frederiksen

Summer Holidays Can Be Too Closed Doors: Here Is The Scenario The Government Fears

Mette Frederiksen

The prospects for a reopening of the community can be long and are already causing head-on in the government, central TV sources say.

Another two weeks of home office and childcare all in one, and an Easter without meeting with more than a maximum of nine friends and family members.

This is the immediate future that Prime Minister Mette Frederiksen (S) let the Danes look into when she kicked off the week on Monday afternoon with an extension of the many prohibitions and injunctions to ensure that the coronas center does not spread.

But in reality, the government’s fear is that the Danes’ freedom must be limited for a much longer time. It tells several sources both in and close to the government that TV 2 has talked to.

Vulnerable community

Health authorities released a forecast up to the prime minister’s press conference showing that the infection is likely to peak at the end of April. But that does not mean that you can then lift all the restrictions at once, since you risk overcoming the obtained disease control.

For example, if all children are allowed to return to school at the same time, the risk of infection will immediately increase. And if all the country’s companies are at full staffing again, several weeks of efforts to spread the infection can quickly be wasted.

We’re in something we haven’t tried before. We choose the story to write

As Mette Frederiksen said at his press conference on Monday, there is a new vulnerability in the community after the coronas center took over.

An increasingly realistic scenario is, according to TV 2’s information, that society is gradually reopening. A plan has not yet been drawn up for how to proceed. But right now, the government is considering how everyday life should slowly return to educational places and workplaces. One possibility is that only the elementary school students who need an exam to advance in the education system must return to the school bench and finish the school year.

Hard to open up

Sources tell TV 2 that the decision to open society again may prove to be more difficult than the decision to shut down. On the one hand, the opening must not go too fast if it is to be controlled. But on the other hand, the government can quickly get in the firing line of being too cautious and slowing down the restart of the economy and the everyday lives of all those affected by the crisis.

 How we do it depends on the development here at home over the coming weeks, and of course it also depends on what we see in other countries. Other countries’ experience in handling covid-19, the prime minister said Monday.

We’re in something we haven’t tried before. We even choose the story to write.

A summer of closed borders

On the whole, the expectations of TV 2 sources say that the freedom of assembly for several months to come will be limited.

Several describe it as ‘illogical’ and ‘risky’ to hold events over the summer, which usually gather many people. This may mean that for example festivals and concerts must be canceled. Exactly the case, for example, has been the case with European football.

Therefore, more efforts and restrictions are being worked on intensively to respond quickly during the spring if the corona epidemic develops in the wrong direction.


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