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The Demonstration For Black Lives Matters In Gothenburg Will Be Dissolved, Police Say

Today, a demonstration is being held at Heden in Gothenburg to support the Black Lives Matter movement. Shortly after the demonstration started, the police announced that it would be dissolved with the help of the organizer and dialogue police.
 It is because of the spread of infection that we want to dissolve the demonstration. It’s very crowded in some places on Heden, says Max Olsson, one of the responsible police officers on the spot.

Then maybe they become smaller manifestations here and there, says Max Olsson.

It was at 14.20 that the police asked the protesters to dissolve the demonstration, this with the help of the organizer and the dialogue police.

In parallel with this, speeches were still being made to a few thousand protesters.

They are quite tight and people push towards the middle. There is not much distance there, says SVT’s employee Jakob Eidenskog, who is present.

20 minutes later, protesters have begun to leave Heden.

Yes, they have started to leave, it is very quiet here, says Jakob Eidenskog.

At 15 o’clock the train of protesters moves through Vasastan, causing a stop in public transport. The train has turned down Vasa Viktoriagatan and into the center again, via the Vegetable Market Square.

According to SVT’s reporter, there are hundreds of people. The protesters shout slogans but the mood is described as calm.

A quarter later, the demonstration train is on its way through Brunnsparken and on to Drottningtorget. Then past Old Ullevi.

There are large queues through the center with many cars stationary in the avenue, says Jakob Eidenskog.


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