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400,000 People Worldwide Are Registered Dead With Coronavirus


However, the number of new deaths is falling, figures from Johns Hopkins University show.

That global estimated number of coronavirus deaths passed 400,000 on Sunday morning.

Exactly 400,013 are registered as dead according to the latest statement from the American Johns Hopkins University.

That global The death toll due to the pandemic reached 300,000 on May 15, while it had reached 200,000 almost 20 days before.

The United States continues to be hit hardest by the coronavirus, with around 330 million inhabitants occupies a gloomy first place.

The country thus accounts for over a quarter of deaths worldwide, as almost 110,000 people have been identified as dead by the virus.

Curves go the right way
Following the United States follows the UK, which has over 40,000 dead, with Brazil, Italy, France and Spain taking the subsequent seats according to the Johns Hopkins University statement.

However, the countries do not have the same populationand at the same time various methods are used in the world to determine whether or not the coronavirus is the cause of death.

However, many of the countries’ curves have started to go the other way and the number of new ones death is falling.

Worldwide, the number of confirmed infections is approaching seven million. Currently, 6,910,014 cases of infection have been recorded since the pandemic started.

Here are just under two million cases from the United States, with Brazil with just over 670,000 registered cases taking second place. globally is just over three million declared healthy.

Experts look crooked to Brazil
The coronavirus does not appear to be retreating into it populousSouth American country. The daily number of registered deaths is not in retreat.

Experts believe that the lack of testing in Brazil, which has 210 million inhabitants, means that the real numbers for infected and dead are likely to be much higher.

The coronavirus initially broke out in the Wuhan million city of central China at the end of December last year.

Since then, it has spread rapidly to countries across the globe. In China, according to estimates, 4,638 are dead with the virus.

Several researchers have questioned whether China has published the full number of death related to coronavirus.

Source: dr.dk

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