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Despite Change In Assembly Ban: Still Long Prospects For Concerts


It is far from the industry that venues have to make seated concerts for up to 500 people, the industry organization believes.

Although parts of cultural life are just as quietly reopening, venues continue to be hit by the shutdown.

The fate of many concert venues remains uncertain, though they now have to host concerts for 500 seated guests at a distance, as announced by the Ministry of Culture on May 22. That is, according to Esben Marcher, head of the secretariat of the venues’ interest organization Dansk Live – not at all enough for it to pay off financially.

For some venues this is good news, but for the big, iconic venues, those who suffer and where bankruptcy seriously, there is nothing to save them, he says, and continues:

– Venues are made to utilize their full capacity and it is necessary to pay the artist’s fees. Although concerts can be held with up to 500 people, it will require too much space. Unfortunately, the math is not related.

Can’t you understand that being slower with a reopening of your industry is because it has to be health-sound?

– We have every understanding of that, but it is important to have a look for that line of industrieswho doesn’t get through this, he says, and continues:

– Even when you can re-open for standing concerts, there are limitations, and then we are left to the fact that you still cannot utilize the full capacity to cover the artist’s fees.

More expensive to open duck to keep closed
One of the places that is still awaiting concerts is the venue Vega in Copenhagen.

According to Steen Jørgensen, CEO of Vega, it doesn’t make sense at this time to hold concerts.

– It will cost us money to start up. Starting with 40 to 50 percent capacity will be more expensive than lying still. This is because costs will be near normal, because we will not be able to lower the level due to staffing.guidelines about space requirements, cleaning and so on.

Steen Jørgensen understands that you have to take health considerations into account, but at the same time he stands looking at a bleeding economy.

– If an institution like Vega is to exist in the future, something must happen, because we will soon have no more money. If not, there will be an initiative that helps indoor activity, then we have spent all equity before the year is over, and then we are no more.


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