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Magnus Heunicke

Press conference on new warning system for corona measures in Denmark

Magnus Heunicke

The new alert system should make it easier to predict new measures to stop the spread of infection.

What? The government, together with the health authorities, is presenting an alert system that will provide more predictability about what measures will be introduced when infection rates increase.

Five risk levels – right now we are at level 3

The essence of today’s press conference is that a new warning system has been presented. The system consists of five risk levels – from level 1 to level 5, where 5 is the highest level.

At each level, there are different restrictions that the government and the authorities can impose when the infection changes. A new risk assessment will be performed every week.

Right now, Denmark is at risk level 3, which means that there is ‘widespread societal infection with potential for rapid acceleration in infection rates’.

Here, the tools include requirements for sanitary napkins, greater restrictions on assembly sizes and restrictions at pubs and for sports and leisure activities.

We hereby end the coverage of the press conference and close with the same words as Minister of Health Magnus Heunicke:

Thank you for today and good weekend.

by: dr.dk

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