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WHO Now Recommends Nose Mask In Public Places – After New Research

World Health Organization

Previously, the World Health Organization (WHO) did not recommend its use. But it does now.

World Health Organization, WHO, has changed its recommendations on the use of face mask.

It writes BBC.

WHO now recommends that everyone use mouthwash when in places where it is difficult to keep away from others.

That’s what the organization’s general manager, Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, said during a press conference Friday.

– In the light of new research recommends WHOthat governments should encourage the public to wear mouthwash in places where there is mass dissemination and where social distance is difficult to adhere to.

– For example, in public transport, in shops or elsewhere limited space or densely populated areas, says the director general.

WHO has previously missed evidence
Some countries around the world are already recommending or ordering to wear a face mask the public.

WHO has previously said that there was not enough evidence to say that healthy people should wear masks.

The organization has constantly recommended healthcare to wear mask when in contact with sick persons.

However, masks alone cannot protect against coronary infection, it also says WHO.

– Masks can provide false security that makes people look great at hand hygiene and distance, Tedros says on press conference.

The National Board of Health has said no
WHO also recommends that vulnerable groups such as people over 60 and those with other disorders should wear medical face masks in places where it is difficult to keep a distance.

In Denmark, the director of i health, Søren Brostrøm, several times said that one would not recommend healthy Danes to use face mask.

More than 394,000 coronary-related patients have been recorded worldwide death, while over 6.7 million people have been tested positive for the virus.

Source: dr.dk

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