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Fitness Centers

Government Note: Fitness Centers, Swimming Halls And Theme Parks Can Open From Monday

Fitness Centers

The memo is a proposal for negotiation, which was sent to the parliamentary parties yesterday.

On Monday, phase 3 of the reopening will begin, and the government will announce that places such as gyms, swimming pools and playgrounds can reopen.

It shows a note prepared by the Ministry of Culture, which DRNews is in the possession of, and which Jyllands-Posten wrote earlier in the day.

It states that the government wants to “reopen all premises where sports and recreationincluding arcades, play and bathing areas, swimming pools and training centers ”.

The proposal from the government was sent to the parties last night, and several report that they are satisfied outplayedfrom the government. Among other things, the Left, the Conservatives, the Radicals and the SF.

– We can see that the infection pressure is low, which is why we think it is justifiable that it opens. We would like to support this agreement. We are absolutely sure of that, says the Radicals sports mayor, Jens RohdeDR News.

To the Jutland Post, the Conservatives’ sports spokesperson, Orla Østerby, says it is an important step for the reopening.

– Sports and associations are bleeding, so it is happy that they have reached this point now. It is good for all age groups that you can now move again, he tells the newspaper.

The government will now start negotiations with the parties for a political agreement by June 8.

Must stand for guidelines yourself
All indoor training facilities have been closed since March, with parts of the community shutting down as a result of the corona eruption.

Just as with the opening of other places, some superiors must apply guidelines to preventinfection rates. The memorandum states that it must largely be up to the sports industry to draw up specific healthguidelines, as long as it is done on the basis of “the general of the health authorities guidelines”.

It’s not just sports and recreation, which will open on Monday.

Yesterday it emerged that the government wants to raise the assembly ban from 10 to 50 people on Monday. The plan is for the assembly ban to be raised in three stages over the summer.

In the second stage July 8 it is raised according to outplayed to 100 people, and in the third stage August 8, it will be raised to 200 people.



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