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A Pentecostal Crossing Can Trigger Self-paid Quarantine

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A trip to Sweden can give two weeks quarantine, and employees may risk having to pay the fee themselves.

If you have been on a summer holiday to Sweden during Pentecost, it can mean a fourteen day quarantine when you get home.

If the journey is part of one’s work, the company will pay the salary under the quarantine.

If the employee himself chooses to travel in his spare time, he or she typically has to pay for the freedom himself for the fourteen days, says Sanne Stadil, deputy director of Dansk Industri.

If you have the opportunity to work at home, this can be a solution, according to consulting manager at Djøf Mette Knudsen.

If not, you can get paid or have to spend vacation.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs currently discourages all unnecessary travel.

This applies to all countries except Iceland, Norway and Germany, to which the Ministry of Foreign Affairs will open for travel from 15 June.

Traveling outside the three countries – that is to say Sweden – should still be quarantined, the authorities recommend.

Many set up homework scheme

It is our impression that companies generally respect the criterion of necessity, so that they only send employees off when there is really a need.

When an employee comes home from abroad, whether on his own or the company’s initiative, many companies will try to establish a homework arrangement in the fourteen-day quarantine, says Sanne Stadil.

When the authorities change the recommendations for Germany, Norway and Iceland, the recommendation on quarantine changes.

However, traveling to cities with over 750,000 inhabitants is still not recommended, so if you go there, you risk being sent home in quarantine without pay when you get home, says Mette Knudsen.

She explains that the crucial point is the wording of the travel guides on departure.

If the travel guide changes while you are leaving, or if you need to go on a necessary journey, I would advise that you talk to your employer as soon as possible and agree how a possible quarantine is handled, says Mette Knudsen.

Source: tv2lorry.dk

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