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Two More Danes Died With Coronavirus In The Last 24 Hours


The number of inmates increases by five people, so there are now 103 inmates.

The latest Day two people died with coronavirus, bringing the total death toll to 576.

The number of inmates increases by five people to 103. Of these, 20 people are admitted to the intensive care unit.

This is the latest statement from the Danish Serum Institute.

Yesterday was the first time since March 17 that the number of inmates was below 100, but the latest Day it has risen again.

The survey also shows that Danes still leave to be tested. Since yesterday, 6,388 have been tested and 30 new cases of people with coronavirus have been confirmed.

The State Serum Institute had operating disruptions in the cause of death register on May 28, and in today’s statement, the Serum Institute points out that the disruption may have resulted in death certificates being registered later than usual.


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