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Wedding Organizer On The Prospect Of Summer Weddings : Corona Has Changed Weddings Forever


How are summer weddings going to be this year, now that the government wants to open it? A professor and a wedding organizer make their bid here.

The phone rang a lot already yesterday. There were several couples who told that a stone had fallen from their hearts.

The words are Christel Winthers. She is a ‘wedding planner’ – at the Danish wedding organizer – and it has not gone over her nose that the government yesterdaydistention for further reopening of Denmark suggested that certain large events can be held with up to 500 people.

One of these events to be exempt from the general assembly ban is weddings.

– We are very close to being back to something similar to normal. Not many of my weddings have much to do. I think they can be held well – though with precautions.

For though the government plans to allow weddings, it is not without a number of conditions.

Guests have to ‘essentially sit down’, the government says. They must only be held in places that are already covered by the reopening, for example, restaurants or cafés, both for premises and food. And then of course you have to respect the normalguidelines for distance and hygiene.

The traditions are hardly as they usually are
That is why you cannot expect a wedding that goes as far as they usually do, according to Christel Winther, who has arranged weddings for 20 years and has been part of the TV3 program ‘Merchants of the first class’.


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