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Aalborg University Hospital

Several employees at Aalborg University Hospital infected: No patients were affected

Aalborg University Hospital

Of a total of eight infected employees, five work in the same department.

Earlier today, it emerged that a nurse in the cardiopulmonary surgery department at Aalborg University Hospital has been tested positive for covid-19.

Now it turns out that a total of eight employees at Aalborg University Hospital are infected.

The North Jutland Region informs DR .

In addition to the employee in the cardiopulmonary surgery, two employees in the rheumatology department and five employees in the clinical biochemistry department, where, among other things , blood samples are handled , are affected.

Started last week

Already last week, the first employee in the clinical biochemistry department was tested positive after showing symptoms.

Subsequently, another employee in the same department, independent of the first employee, also turned out to be infected.

As part of the work with infection detection of this, two more employees with infection were discovered. However, they are not considered to have infected each other.

– These five people have not infected each other, as we see it, says medical director at the hospital Michael Braüner Schmidt.

– It has been independent of each other. You may well have contracted the infection out in the surrounding community, it sounds.

No further spread of infection

Michael Braüner Schmidt believes that the hospital has acted in a timely manner to contain the infection.

– We have reacted resolutely by both sending home those who have been in close contact with the infected, and also getting vaccinated on the other staff, he says.

A total of 200 employees related to the clinical biochemistry department have been vaccinated.

Against this background, it is assessed that no new cases of infection have occurred and that the situation is under control.

This also applies to patients where no infection has been detected so far.

– You can be completely safe as a patient. If you have been in contact with one of those people, then you have been contacted, says Michael Braüner Schmidt.


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