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OVERVIEW Re-opening Is Promoted – But What Really Needs To Open? And What Not?


The leaders of the parliamentary parties agreed last night to advance phase 2 of the reopening.

But what is it that must now open? And what else do we have to wait for?

Get the overview here:

Must open immediately:

The advance means that activities such as museums, theaters, art galleries, cinemas, aquariums, zoos and botanical plants can already open. Otherwise, the original plan was to wait until June 8.

These sites have tentatively announced when they are ready to reopen:

May open Monday, May 25:

The Danish border will continue to be temporarily closed, but the parties agree to extend the list of so-called “recognized purposes for entry into Denmark” from Monday.

This means that people with permanent residence in the other Nordic countries and Germany can travel inland. That is if they are, for example, holiday home owners in Denmark or have a Danish girlfriend, fiance or grandparent.

In addition, business people are also allowed to travel inland and out of the country. These sites have tentatively announced when they are ready to reopen:


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