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Australia’s Largest City Allows For Significant Reopening


Australia has so far been successful in keeping the corona virus down, leaving 100 corona patients dead.

Australia’s most populous state, New South Wales (NSW), located in the metropolis of Sydney, will allow up to 50 people at restaurants and cafes from June 1.

This was reported by NSW Prime Minister Gladys Berejiklian on Friday at a news conference, according to the Reuters news agency.

Currently, the ten-person restriction is on restaurants and cafes that opened last Friday after two months of closure.

In Denmark, where the restaurants opened on Monday, the guidelines are that restaurants and cafés must have two square meters per person, and the requirement will be doubled to four meters per person if customers “essentially” stand up.

With the new initiative , the prime minister hopes to boost the economy that has been hit hard during the corona crisis.

Losing 221,000 jobs in April was a disaster. We do not want to see it continue, says Berejiklian.

Nationally, nearly 600,000 Australians have lost their jobs in April.

Restrictions may be gone by July

Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison wants most of all restrictions removed by July as part of a three-step plan to boost the economy.

But the implementation of this plan is largely up to the leaders of the individual states, who have disagreed over several of the easements. Among other things, there has been disagreement about opening up domestic travel between the states.

One of the things that doesn’t seem to be returning just yet in Australia is cruise ships.

For example, Australia on Friday extended a ban preventing cruise ships carrying over 100 passengers from operating in Australian waters over the next three months, the dpa news agency writes.

Australia has so far been successful in keeping the coronavirus down by early closing its borders and imposing severe restrictions .

Among other things, it has included a ban on assembly of more than two people and a curfew unless you had to visit a doctor, shop for groceries or exercise. These restrictions have since been eased .

The country has registered around 7,000 cases of infection and 100 coronary deaths , which is significantly below the registered numbers in the US, UK and Southern Europe. Almost 25 million people live in Australia.

Source: dr.dk

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