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Friday May End With Rain And Thunder


Before then, the temperature can reach above 20 degrees.

After quite a sunny Ascension Day, when the temperature in southern Jutland reached 21.3 degrees, a Friday awaits, which can end with noise and roar.


See radar for rainfall throughout Denmark in the form of rain, snow or sleet. Our online weather map shows how the rainfall has been moving over the past three hours.

It happens when a cold front in the course of Friday has to pass the country from the west, and in this connection the hot air displaces Denmark.

Friday can start with showers – and end with rain and thunderstorms

In the late night and early morning hours, showers may appear in the northern part of Jutland, and it cannot be ruled out that some of the showers may be thunderous.

In the rest of the country, on the other hand, Friday will start dry with the possibility of some sunshine. At the same time, warm air continues to flow over the country from the southeast, and in the morning it can send the temperature up above 20 degrees in the southern part of Jutland.

How hot it ends up being depends on how quickly the cold front reaches Jutland from the west. Some forecasts show that the temperature can reach 22-23 degrees, while others allow us to settle for about 20 degrees as the highest.

In the cold front, there will be showers that can be heavy, and some of them will also be thunderous. At the same time, the rain could be quite intense – especially in the thunderstorms.

Many people will experience being hit by two bow lines. The first will be with more coherent rain, while the second will be more buoyant – and it is especially in connection with the second line that thunder may come.

Therefore, there are also large local differences in rainfall – from just a few millimeters, to more than 10 millimeters, if you are hit by multiple showers.

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