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Public Employees In Jutland And Funen Must Go Back To Work

Jutland And Funen

Due to the infection pressure, public employees in Eastern Denmark have to wait.

The Region of Northern Jutland, the Region of Southern Denmark and the Region of Central Jutland are allowed to have employees in the public sector meet at their workplace.

It is the result of today’s agreement between all the parliamentary parties that deals with the extension of phase 2 of the reopening of society during the corona crisis.

As stated in the ‘Agreement on a plan to reopen Denmark’, the parties agree that as at present. If there are large regional differences in the prevalence of Covid-19 infection, the physical presence can be resumed in the public sector, except in the Capital Region and Region Zealand, the agreement states.

Significantly higher infection pressure

When the two regions in Zealand are not allowed to open up in the public sector, it is because the coronavirus infection pressure here is significantly higher than in the country’s three other regions .

Public servants in non-critical functions in Denmark have had to work from home since Prime Minister Mette Frederiksen (S) announced a comprehensive shutdown of Danish society on March 11.

This happened as a result of the coronas smith spreading dangerously fast.

SF’s chairman, Pia Olsen Dyhr, suggested a month ago that one should consider opening up differently in each region , because the differences in infection pressure were already known at that time.

Other parties joined in on the idea, but although Mette Frederiksen did not refuse to do anything regional, she also pointed out that Denmark is a small country where one can quickly get from one region to another.

At that time, the debate about regional differences in the reopening was about something other than today, for it was before, for example, restaurants and cafés were allowed to open again.

Source: dr.dk

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