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Tivoli is closing its doors – not sure if they will reopen today


A large number of people tried in vain to come for a walk in Tivoli on Saturday afternoon. But there were so many that Tivoli chose to close the gates.

Tivoli has had to close for the entry of new guests around 5 pm on Saturday night. This is what the amusement park’s press manager Torben Plank informs TV 2.

At the same time, Tivoli’s inspectors have had to disband a larger assembly of people queuing to enter the garden.

– When we saw that there were so many who wanted to enter, we closed the gates and dissolved the influx. You can call it timely care, Plank tells TV 2 LORRY.

This is the second time during Saturday that Tivoli has had to close its gates to new guests to ensure that the distance can be kept among the garden’s visitors. Around 3 p.m., the garden closed the locks for half an hour until about 1,000 guests had left the garden.

This time, Tivoli will at least keep the gates closed for the next few hours, says Torben Plank. Whether the garden will open to guests later tonight, he does not yet know. He encourages you to stay up to date on Tivoli’s Facebook or Twitter account.

Today’s closings come a few weeks after an autumn holiday, where guests criticized Tivoli for admitting too many guests. On that occasion, Tivoli rejected the criticism, saying that there were no more inside the garden than is allowed.

Guests with reservations can still access

Despite the closure, Torben Plank says that Tivoli is not at all close to the number of guests the garden can accommodate.

– Our guests have been insanely good at following the guidelines. They use the apps we have that tell how to avoid queues, and we have established unification and distribute the guests well on all our 80,000 square meters, it sounds.

But outside – at the main entrance to Tivoli, the situation was completely different. Here, the queue of Halloween-hungry Tivoli goers grew rapidly, and Tivoli chose to react quickly.

If you, as a diner, have reserved a table in one of Tivoli’s restaurants, you can still enter if you contact the ticket office on arrival, says Plank.

Tivoli will surely open for guests tomorrow, assures Torben Plank.

Source: nyheder.tv2.dk

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