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Infection increases: Now Denmark has more infected than Sweden


Denmark now registers more corona infections than Sweden measured per capita. But we also test much more, points out expert.

Denmark has now overtaken neighboring Sweden in the number of infected per 100,000 inhabitants who are registered per week.

In recent days, the infection in Denmark has been increasing, and most recently today, 173 more cases of coronavirus and no deaths have been registered . And the infection in Danish society has obviously increased so much that we have overtaken the Swedes for the first time since the spring.

In Denmark, there are 12.2 coronavirus infections for every 100,000 inhabitants , while in Sweden there are 11.1.

But it does not have to mean that much, says professor of virology and immunology at Aarhus University, Søren Riis Paludan.

– It is difficult to compare so directly between countries, even though we like to do so. Because it presupposes that you test in exactly the same way, he says.

If you look at the graph below, it is clear that Denmark tests significantly more people than Sweden. This is reflected in the number of infected.


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