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Thousands Of Danes On The Streets Of Copenhagen After The Death Of The Black American


The demonstration is going on quietly, says the Copenhagen Police.

About 1,200 people are demonstrating right now in Copenhagen as a result of the death of black American George Floyd. Floyd died after a particularly violent arrest in the state of Minnesota.

The demonstration went from Østerbro at 14, where the US embassy is located, to Christianborg, where it is expected to end at 17.

According to the Copenhagen Police, demonstration is proceeding peacefully.

“It is going quietly,” says janitor Henrik Svejstrup.

He has no expectations that the demonstration in Copenhagen will develop or be embarrassing.

– No, we expect no trouble, he says.

The violent protests began in the United States on Tuesday, the day after Georg Floyd lost his life in Minneapolis police custody. Since then, the demonstrations have been rampant throughout the United States, and several places arenational Guard put in.


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