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Pentecostal behavior

High praise from the police: Our Pentecostal behavior strikes within the dial

Pentecostal behavior

There are positive reports from the police around the country, though many enjoy extended weekend out in the sun.

This year’s Pentecost weekend is in full swing, and the sun has shone from a skies-free sky in much of the country since the evening of Friday.

However, despite the high temperatures, open cafes and the desire to stay out on the bright nights, the police find that so far people are complying with the assembly ban and the rules of distance.

There is praise across Twitter from across the country police.

– The weather is nice, and you manage the assembly ban and distance requirements really well, writes the Copenhagen Police.

In another part of the country there is also praise from the officers.

– The weather is excellent and everything looks good, writes East Jutland Police.

And after a visit to Kerteminde Sydstrand, Fyns Police writes:

– Despite the good weather, not many people were on the beach. And it is NOT the officer who has been in the water. Still good Pentecost, and remember, it’s early in the morning, the sun is dancing.


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