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Reasons Why Russia Sent Nine Military Planes With Aid To Italy


There are several reasons why Russia sends medical equipment and experts to Italy, says Matilde Kimer.

The message was unmistakable, even though it was written in Cyrillic letters on the side of the nine Russian military aircraft.

For the sake of doubt, the Russian government had, for convenience, translated it into both Italian and English and placed it over two computer animated hearts in the colors of the Russian and Italian flags respectively:

” Dalla Russia con amore”. “From Russia with love “.

So it was “with loving greeting from Russia” that the first military aircraft yesterday set off for Italy, which is currently fighting an intense battle to control the corona crisis.

They included mouthwashes, respirators and other medical equipment, as well as about 100 medical experts, including virus researchers and doctors, to help the Italians fight the spread of infection. And Italy’s foreign minister, Luigi Di Maio, did not hide his gratitude when the first planes landed last night.

– We will always be grateful for Russia and for the solidarity and friendship you have shown us, it sounded off the runway.

According to DR’s Russia correspondent, Matilde Kimer, there are several reasons why the Russian government is now sending aid to Italy. Firstly, the Italians certainly need extra help. It is the EU country most affected by the coronavirus and almost 5,500 people have so far lost their lives.

“Russia believes they have the equipment that the Italians may need,” she says.

But at the same time, help is also what Matilde Kimer describes as “a not very bad PR strategy” from the Russian side.

Russia shows the Italians that they are ready to help. And the Russian authorities also signal that the EU does not have the same means to help, she explains.


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